SINAIS powermeter on Youtube

See the newest version of the SINAIS power meter on Youtube

SINAIS presentation at local green energy exhibition

The team was asked to give a presentation of SINAIS at a local green energy expo, organized by the regional government of Madeira. We showed how research in the domains of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology, Service Design, and Human-Computer-Interaction can be used to develop solutions to the sustainability problem of our society. Special emphasis was put on energy conservation, a problem especially important for an isolated region like Madeira, where limited resources and space enforce the development of new solutions.

The talk was covered in the local news. (in Portuguese)

SINAIS on “Falar Global”

SINAIS was featured in a TV Show – “Falar Global” about R&D in Portugal.

We are hiring

At this moment, there are several vacancies for research positions on SINAIS, 1 post-doc and 4 research assistants. Check the recruitment page for more information.


SINAIS at EuropIA’12

An overview of the SINAIS project was presented by Jos van Leeuwen at the EuropIA 12 international conference (Innovations for Building and Construction – Towards a better, stronger and sustainable future using advanced ICT) in Paris on March 18-20.

Check the presentation here (PDF 9,7Mb).